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SealTite Northern Rivers has a history of experience in the field of refrigerator/freezer door seal replacements.

Although we specialise in commercial systems (for restaurants, grocery stores, cold rooms, medical facilities, etc.), a significant proportion of our business is contained in the domestic market.  This is because we have access to a very wide range of materials to accommodate the already expansive and growing list of appliances.

Coupled with a community trust developed through experience and guaranteed support for our customers, the business has a steady stream of activity throughout its regional catchment.

Refrigeration seals is a vast industry with a large number of different seal profiles.  SealTite uses first quality materials from established A-grade suppliers, so you are assured of lasting service from your new seals.  Furthermore, both commercial and domestic seal material comply with the health and medical standards mandated by legislation for use around food stuffs.

The strip magnet material included in most seals is of top strength quality, significantly better than standard craft availability, assuring a definite facial contact between the compound and the refrigerator/freezer body.

Our professional and conscientious attention to detail ensures that your new seals will perform admirably and with normal care, last the distance, often longer that the originals due to improvements in material quality over the years.

Read on for a light-hearted look at a

seal replacement work study ...


Anatomy of a Seal Replacement

small seal

(a light-hearted description!)
... the blue bits are tongue-in-cheek, of course ...

1 Contact: You have contacted Sealtite because your Frig/Freezer is in trouble.  We would like to know the Brand and Model number of your appliance, and may need to inspect on site.  For commercial fittings a site-inspection is a 'must'.
You probably just got here by accident. We could make a guess at your requirements and hope for the best!
2 Inspection: (where necessary)  sometimes, a brand replacement of the seal(s) can be supplied at a very competitive price. For commercial and/or older units, the full seals may have to be manufactured and an accurate 'measure-up' is required.
(within the nearest mm, inch, foot, cubit,... what units would you like us to use?)
2a   At this time, we should be able to give you a definite quote for the finished job (if we haven't done so already).
"To be or not to be, That is the question. Whether it is ..."
(Shakespeare (1603) Hamlet. Act III Scene I)

(Steps 3, 4 & 5 apply to 'manufactured' seals)
3 Cutting to size: Brand new, quality seal material appropriate to your Frig/Freezer is cut to length, in agreement with the measurements.
Were those metric or imperial measurements?
4 Magnets: The cut lengths are checked once more and where appropriate the magnetic strips are inserted into the sections
These quality magnetic strips make an air-tight seal with the body of you appliance.
(They also help to keep those funny Fridge magnets stuck to the front!)
5 Welding: Finished lengths are now accurately set together and vulcanised (thermally welded) to form the completed seal.
(If this doesn't work, we will come back and weld the door closed permanently; we guarantee no leaks!)
6 Fitting: Now professionally finished, the completed seal(s) are delivered to you and professionally fitted on site.
This part is important to make sure that doors are hung squarely and the new seals are doing the job!   You now have a HAPPY appliance!

Seriously ... You will now have a VERY HAPPY appliance!

before you go...

 Meet some Team Members... 

Boss The Boss Person 

Hello there ... I'm Murrey. I look forward to being of service to you (and your appliances). You will most probably talk to me on the phone and see me at your place making sure your refrigerator or freezer is working well with its new seals.

Boss Fred the Fridge 

"I Seal Happy Now"

Of course, I do!  

With my new seals,
I no longer leak all over the floor

and my owners are pleased with how
I keep all the goodies cold!

Boss  Ted the dog



My job is to protect the factory.

While the boss is away looking after our customers, I make sure the factory is safe from intruders.  

(Actually I'm quite friendly, only pretend to be fierce.)

Occasionally I get to chase a few cars (when I catch one, I'm going to bury it!).

I love chasing the Postie!